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About Us

As a leading IT services firm, VAP I.T. Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of information technology solutions for all of your Website, Internet Marketing, Custom Programming and Business Computing needs.  Whether you have 1 or 10,000 employees, VAP can quickly and affordably tailor a solution to fit your specific goals, needs and budget.  Be sure to ask us if the solution you are seeking is not included below.   The odds are we can help!

VAP is built on the strong founding principles of keeping the customer trust & confidence first, strong work ethics, innovation in technology solution, excellence in execution and strong leadership

We are a customer focused company and strongly believe that a great customer service and constant customer feedback is vital to our survival. We have had 13 clients and who have been more than satisfied with our services. 2/12 has a long term strategic relationship with us, 6/12 have repeated business with us more than 3 times now, 5/12 have done it 1-2 times. Out of close to 50-60 big and small assignments we have taken up, not a single one has been delivered late. We deliver! And we deliver fast and you can always rely on us without a follow up the work is sure to be delivered on time.

Our customers include a wide variety of small to medium businesses nationally as well as internationally in the United Kingdom. Our clients are wide spread from national sales building companies, financial & equipment leasing companies, Ad agencies, Marketing companies, employee leasing companies, carpet cleaning and restoration companies, motels, flooring companies, food sellers, attorneys and more.


Our vision is to provide best in class, state of the art technology solutions to make businesses more competitive and help them serve their customers in a better way which lead to stronger customer trust and confidence & enhanced revenues.


Our mission is to provide fast and reliable technology solutions for your Website, Internet Marketing, Custom Programming & Business Computing needs that work as you intended.